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The foundation of therapy starts with the individual.  This is a great place to connect, build therapeutic relationship and partner for the journey.  The individual sessions are a safe place to deal with  all the things that cause emotional pain and discomfort in a judgement-free zone.  It is also a place of self discovery of the greater, stronger you.


Depression can look very different for different people.  Whether its sadness and isolation to irritability and anger and even passive avoidance.  Therapy can not only help understand what is happening but also how to awaken from it.  Lets do the hard things...because you do matter and you are worth it.


"...and the two are one" can be difficult  and exhausting at times.  Many will want to give up but so much can be lost as a result.  Couples therapy is a place where discovery of self converges with one's partner to learn the power of synergism, connectivity, compassion and growth.  The work is hard but worth it and the relationship can grow out of itself to also nurture others.


Hiding trauma, pain, rejection and judgment so easily shows up in addictive behaviors.  As as a result the brain struggles  to process it.  Overcoming addiction can be a struggle and the path may look different for different people. Therapy allows for a place for you to self pace and design your commitment to the journey. Are you ready?


Once one learns to "be" then they can effectively learn to "belong" - a key experience that support a basic need.  Relationships can be fraught with drama and conflict if we are not fully equipped with effective relational skills.  Relationships 101...lets begin here...


Stressors that cause Micro and Macro trauma can haunt our experiences for a long time.  Working through those requires an emotionally safe place. Healing today for strength tomorrow, for ourselves and for others. Today is a good day to begin that journey.


Parenting has evolved over time and can be a struggle to find ways to overcome the impact of the culture. Additionally, not all children respond the same for various reasons.  Seeking parenting skill building in therapy is a great place for resources, intervention and psycho-education of developmental needs of children today.  This can be daunting but well worth it!


Anger is our check engine light that we need to seek assistance.  When an outburst happens, it requires that we seek support from a professional that can assist in diagnosing troubling areas in one's life.  This needs a judgement-free safe zone.  Connecting through therapy is where to start.


Family, whether by blood or by love, shapes one's being.  It is important that emotional healthy experiences and interactions in the family be fostered.  Learning this in therapy not only is important for today but also plants seeds for generations to come. Start that legacy therapy, there is room for everyone.


The world can be an anxious place just in the day to day but our bodies cannot manage this  on an ongoing basis.  To keep our heart, our bodies and minds healthy, we need to  explore what going on in our lives so one can achieve a balance in our perspective and in our lives, embracing each moment to the fullest.

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